Unit 3 is a Melbourne based manufacturer specialising in denim for Australian retailers, wholesalers and brands that distribute internationally.  Unit 3's unique complete garment service' is tailored to each customers' individual requirements, this can include onsite design, sampling, washing and treatments. Garments are then produced in China and Fiji, with capabilities to manufacture in Bangladesh and Turkey, giving Unit 3 the advantage to satisfy boutique and volume markets.


Unit 3 is a unique denim product development team specialising in the supply of denim and casual garments to the Australian apparel industry.  Founded 4 years ago, accomplished denim developer Georgia Martin partnered up with RIL (Richmond Industrial Laundry) to 'fill a hole in the market',  where the original product produced is uniquely Australian and the finish and washes that are developed with RIL separates it from the rest of the world.  These washes and finishes can be completed here at RIL or replicated in our off shore laundries. 

Unit 3's main focus is to work closely with its offshore partners and suppliers to ensure all of our clients are offered an honest, consistent and exclusive service in meeting their fabric and garment requirements.


UNIT 3 represents two fantastic and very different denim Mills, both of which are used by the likes of Acne, Calvin Klein, Zara, Top Shop, Nudie and The Gap.

The Calik denim mill is in Malayta, Turkey and consistently sits in the worlds' Top Ten premium denim mills alongside the likes of Isko, Orta and Bossa.  The range includes stretch and 100% cotton qualities, minimums are reasonable enough for the Australian market and sampling for most qualities are available.

U.S Denim is based out of Pakistan. This is a great, versatile range with commercial price points for both stretch and 100% cotton qualities. Most importantly U.S Denim run a 'Perennial collection' of 12 fabrics that are constantly available with no minimums so quantity is always accessible.